Archaeological Surveys
A fully systematic approach is taken for all our detecting surveys – be it a single small plot or a large field system
The Staffordshire Hoard
Gold cheek guard from the Saxon helmet recovered by the AHARG team in November 2012
Battle Of Bosworth
AHARG led the search for the site of the Battle Of Bosworth starting initial surveys in 1996: the battle site was finally found in 2009
The Staffordshire Hoard
Gold and garnet bird of prey fitting recovered by the AHARG team in November 2012
Leading the way
Systematic transect based surveys, to maximise site coverage and data results
The Bosworth Boar
The Bosworth Silver Boar Badge recovered by the AHARG team in September 2009
Excavation 97mm Roundshot
Field and Flags
Who we are

AHARG are the Ambion Historical & Archaeological Research Group. We specialise in conducting archaeological metal detector surveys on sites, large or small, throughout the UK and Europe.

We are a small team of dedicated people who understand the importance of accurate surveying. We understand that often there will be little or no evidence to be found; however we will always maintain a high standard and consistent approach – with a certain amount of humour thrown in. Ground conditions are key to a successful survey. We will advise you on the suitability of a site and whether the area would need topping, rolling or any clearance to extract the best survey results.

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In the field

Here are just a few of the many projects we are proud to have worked on and some of the amazing finds we have recovered along the way.

Battle Detective: The Battle Of Bosworth

History Hit's Matt Lewis travels to the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre in Leicestershire to meet Richard Mackinder

What we do

Contribute to the bigger historic picture!

Our work has changed the history of the UK by locating the true site of the Battle of Bosworth. We have added over 100 new finds to the Staffordshire Hoard, and rescued thousands of artefacts from development sites, all of which were in danger of being lost forever;
and more!

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